Crimson Hill Training Is An Innovator In Health And Safety Training

A Real Time Saver

On-demand training offered year round, streamlining training and re-certification.

What is the REAL cost of training?

Consider what you pay your worker to participate, the time it takes a manager to schedule, present, take attendance, mark tests and record results.

Cost Efficient Training

On-line training removes the costs of classroom training or group training by consultants.

Training that is delivered online costs less than hiring a trainer-consultant.

Our training saves money in almost every application – let us demonstrate how much you can expect to save using our courses.

Adds Convenience

Training can be completed anytime and anywhere, for increased trainee buy-in.

On Demand and User- Friendly Training

Training can be completed anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection – at work, at home, at the library… or anywhere the trainee chooses.

Who Is Crimson Hill Training?

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Crimson Hill Training is an innovator in health and safety training for front-line staff. A division of Crimson Hill Products Inc., Crimson Hill Training produces fully-customized video training delivered online in health and safety topics for the workplace.

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) training was the first product, launched in 2013 and Crimson Hill Training now offers a range of programs to help keep people safe at work including staff, customers and guests.

A family-owned and -operated company, and based out of Wolfville, NS, Crimson Hill Training serves clients in Canada and the United States primarily in the recreation, janitorial, hospital and long-term care, transportation, child-care, education and public service sectors.

All Crimson Hill Training courses are delivered online, with full reporting to managers for proven participation and compliance. All are customized to your mission and brand. We also can create and deliver custom training for your specific needs.

Our mission is to provide superior skills training at a practical price, helping our clients increase staff efficiency, productivity, motivation and safety while reducing training costs.
All out training is live and dynamic. It is constantly updated to remain as up-to-the-minute as possible.

If, for any reason, you feel our training is not delivering the benefits you expected, talk to us – we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products and our service.

Our promise – we are the industry leaders in WHMIS training. You get the leading service in the industry!

Crimson Hill Training Delivers With So Many Benefits

  • Eliminates Test Bias

  • Documented Proof Of Compliance

  • On-Demand Training

  • Full Reporting

  • Convenient Excel Spreadsheets

  • Created By Former Teachers

  • Written In Plain English (grade 5 level)

  • Branded With Your Photos And Logo

  • Easily Verify Staff Participation

  • Free Up Supervisor Time

  • Decreases Staff Turnover

  • Boost Productivity

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Client Reviews

We needed to become more efficient and accountable, and the answer was Crimson Hill Training. They worked with us to develop a customized, YMCA of Brandon basic training package.

We have liked the thoroughness with which they covered the material, the assessment process built into the product and the quality assurance we have through the customized reporting back to management.

We have been very pleased with the overall result, saving both time and money. I would highly recommend Crimson Hill Training for your training needs.

Lon Cullen, CEO, YMCA of Brandon (Manitoba)
We are thrilled with how this training works for us. We save time, we save about 30% of what we used to spend and we have compliance we can prove… we’ll never go back to the old way to train!
Kerri Bridges, General Manager, YMCA of Brandon (Manitoba)
The training course is relevant, engaging, to the point and not only thought-provoking – but empathy-provoking.

The online format not only affords administrative ease, but also maximizes availability and consistency to staff.

This is bullying training that is of potential value far beyond the camp counselling staff audience.

Carol Zakula, Special education teacher and former Vice-Principal
I work in the childcare department for the YMCA where Child Protection is a daily part of our job. The training through Crimson Hill is set up so you can work at your own pace helping people remember and succeed.
Audra Newman , Director of Downtown Child Care, Brandon YMCA
I was very impressed with this training program. The information is clear and concise and reflects current perspectives on bullying.

All elements are thoroughly described and the information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

The language used is accessible and pertinent.The tracking method of material completed is also helpful…

Ian Waters, Middle years school teacher and former camp program staff member and out-trip leader
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